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032 – Jesse Mecham: From Spreadsheets to Software Success

Have you ever created something useful in your own life and wondered if you could turn it into a business?Our guest for episode 32 did just that and he’s made a… read more →


031 – Travis Sherry: The Traveling Entrepreneur

How many times have you thought or said you want to make travel a part of your everyday life? If you’re like most people, you’ve said it or thought about… read more →

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What’s Your Sentence?

In 1962, Clare Boothe Luce, one of the first women to serve in the U.S. Congress, offered some advice to President John F. Kennedy. “A great man,” she told him,… read more →


030 – Brennan Dunn: From Employee To Freelancer To Business Owner

What does it take to make the transition from being a skilled freelancer to being a savvy business owner? Quite a lot actually, and here to tell us is Brennan… read more →


029 – Caleb Wojcik: The DIY Video Guy

Sometimes we may be passionate about a topic or multiple topics but we aren’t sure how to take that passion and turn it into a career and a way of life.… read more →


028 – Michael O’Neal : Why It’s Good To Be Unemployable

Unemployable. There was a time when that word would strike fear and/or pity into the hearts of people around the globe. But there’s a man among us who is changing… read more →


027 – Josh Shipp : On Becoming A Successful Speaker

Have you ever seen a speaker and thought, “I want to do that!”? Many of us have and here to talk about his journey into public speaking is one of… read more →


The Art of Healthy Discontentment

Recently, my oldest daughter and I left the house to go run errands. We piled into our minivan (cause that’s how I roll) and headed out. We were headed out… read more →


026 – Paul Jarvis : On Incremental Bravery

Have you ever wanted to follow more than one passion of yours? Are you good at a few things and want to find a way to combine them? If you… read more →


025 – Jeff Goins: Shining Light On Your Calling

If you knew that by getting up at 5am every day and writing 500-1,000 words, within a year you’d have a book deal, would you do it? Most of us… read more →


Why Finding Focus Doesn’t Feel Like Making Progress

I’ve noticed a significant theme in the journey’s of guests I’ve interviewed for our How’d You Get Into That podcast. I’ve noticed it’s rare that people come right out of… read more →


024 – Wes Wages: How He Owned Being A Filmmaker

What would you do if you were hired by a high profile client, say Marie Forleo, and after you completed your work for her, the equipment you saved it on… read more →


023 – Nathan Barry: How to Seize Opportunities At Any Age

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” But that’s not true when it comes to Nathan Barry, our 23rd guest on “How’d You… read more →

Compass - Adventure

You Don’t Need Permission To Live An Adventure

One week ago, I announced that our family is moving to Nashville. As I stated in that post, we’ve lived in the same city for all of our lives. In… read more →


022- Doug Neill: Turning A Childhood Interest Into A Living

So often the things we loved to do as children end up being the things we are most passionate about as adults. Our guest for episode 22 is the perfect… read more →

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