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023 – Nathan Barry: How to Seize Opportunities At Any Age

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” But that’s not true when it comes to Nathan Barry, our 23rd guest on “How’d You… read more →

Compass - Adventure

You Don’t Need Permission To Live An Adventure

One week ago, I announced that our family is moving to Nashville. As I stated in that post, we’ve lived in the same city for all of our lives. In… read more →


022- Doug Neill: Turning A Childhood Interest Into A Living

So often the things we loved to do as children end up being the things we are most passionate about as adults. Our guest for episode 22 is the perfect… read more →

HIRING: Want To Work With Me?

As much as entrepreneurs love the idea of being one-man-bands, nobody builds a business alone. We’ve experienced a lot of growth and new opportunities with our podcast, speaking, and coaching… read more →


021- Dane Sanders: The Lifelong Pursuit of Mastery

When you’re searching for your life’s work or what to do next in your career, most people will tell you to pursue your passion. But not Dane Sanders, our guest… read more →

Nashville, Tennessee

Why We’re Moving (And Why You Should Consider It Too)

Let’s start with the big news: the Baldwins are moving to Nashville. What what?!?! Get your inhaler and breathe in that news. Now let me explain how it has come… read more →

jen and omar

020 – Jen Adrion and Omar Noory: Say Yes and Figure It Out

You’ve heard the tales of so-called overnight success and usually there’s a backstory: someone struggled for years and then one night they had a breakthrough. But our guests for episode… read more →


The Power of a Handwritten Thank You

I spend a good amount of time traveling on planes. Most flights are unremarkable and uneventful. Get me from point A to point B on time. And don’t lose my… read more →


019 – Jolie Guillebeau, The Persistent Artist

How many times could you hear “no” before you gave up? 10, 20, 100? Our guest for episode 19 heard it for decades, but something inside of her wouldn’t allow… read more →


018 – Ben Schlappig: How to Travel For Free

If you’re like most people, you’ve had at least a fleeting thought about making a living from travel or at least traveling whenever and wherever you wanted to without paying… read more →


017 – John Lee Dumas: Igniting Your Inner Fire

Have you ever wanted to do something so revolutionary no one thought it could be done, not even leaders in your industry? Our guest for episode 17 has and today… read more →

Set goals - motivational reminder

How To Regroup Halfway Through The Year

We just crossed the halfway point of the year and are now on the downhill slope. For most people, any goals that were set back in January feel like an… read more →


016 – Shawn Askinosie: From Criminal Lawyer to Chocolatier

You’ve probably read about or even know someone who was at the top of their career, only to walk away. What leads someone to do that? In episode 16, Shawn… read more →


015 – Jake Thompson: Competing Every Day

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a sports agent, to be a real-life Jerry Maguire?  Our guest for episode 15, Jake Thompson, was on that… read more →


014 – Ryan Delk: Breaking Into Tech Start-ups

Did you ever ask yourself: what’s the craziest thing I can do in this situation? If not, you might after listening to our guest for episode 14! He did and… read more →

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